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Frequently Asked Tree Service Questions – Answered By Tree Logic of Charleston

How Can I Tell If My Tree Is Diseased Or Dying?

While it can be hard to tell if a tree is dying from its root, external signs like leaf discoloration, dead branches, and decay are signs that a tree may be suffering from disease or is dying.

Should I Leave The Stump After The Tree Is Removed?

Leaving a stump after tree removal is entirely up to you as a homeowner; however, the stump location can significantly impact the aesthetics and safety of your property. Get in touch with our tree service in Charleston for help with stump grinding or additional questions.

A Storm Knocked A Tree Onto My House! Can You Help?

Yes! We offer emergency storm damage removal in situations where immediate clean up from tree-related debris is necessary.

I Have Some Shears And A Chainsaw – Should I Do My Own Tree Trimming?

While tree trimming on your own is possible, a professional tree service can identify any issues that could lead to the death of your tree. Routine tree trimming will keep your tree healthy and attractive. If your tree is suffering from disease and you don’t know what the root problem could be, you can over-trim it, which would cause additional damage.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding
Power Washing
Power Washing

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